“…tiếp thu nhanh và tiến bộ cũng rất nhanh!”

Trước khi học online mình rất lo lắng không biết liệu học onl có thể follow được những gì cô giáo dạy hay không.  Nhưng đến khi học rồi thì mình thấy học online được học theo 1:1 nên có thể thấy rõ được cô giáo dạy hơn, được trao đổi kỹ càng những gì mình muốn nên tiếp thu nhanh và tiến bộ cũng rất nhanh nữa, hihi.

“You are punctual and so much dedicated to your work”

“Na Na, I should say you are having a lot of patience in teaching which is must while dealing with elementary kids. You are punctual and so much dedicated to your work. You generally create a homely environment while teaching so kids don’t get bored though class runs more than 90mins. I was mainly looking for theory classes for My daughter which is difficult to get into Korean piano academies and I am very much satisfied. Thanks for everything Na Na, especially preparing Hansa for Concours in a very short period, ABRSM exams and mainly for traveling so long for Hansa. Happy to find you. You are kind and friendly. Hope your teaching journey continues with Hansa for long.” read more

“Ngan is a very enthusiastic piano teacher”

” She is always well prepared for every class and makes her little students never get bored. My daughters who were 6 and 8 years old love to study piano with her a lot and enjoyed every activity she created for them.”

“You are a very good teacher…”

“You love what you are doing that’s why you always find a new way to draw their learning interest. You know how to find the right material to teach them. I wish my kids can continue to learn piano from you.”